Driven art lover,  who combines the passion for art,  with financial wealth,  to help clients benefit in all angles of owning and selling fine arts.

Jack is an innovator, with uncompromising instincts in fine arts, who has been able to establish a network of great artists, dealers, curators, and galleries. He has been engaged in the business of art dealing for many years and has brokered hundreds of artworks for both buyers and sellers all throughout the U.S.

Jack’s repertoire as a pristine fine arts dealer is solidified by his experience and knowledge of the artists, market trends, retainable value, and future appreciation in artworks. He has an extensive understanding of what clients need to focus on, to reach their objectives, as it pertains to the art market.

Jack travels to various art shows, in different cities, and is included in numerous private showings for notable artists. He has been entrusted with buyers to acquire individual paintings, without his clients even viewing the works in person. From high net-worth individuals, to estates and corporations, Jack represents a wide range of clients, and caters to their needs, as he vigorously accomplishes the goals set forth.


Jack received two Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration and Accounting, from the University of Southern California, and holds an entrepreneurship certificate from the Lloyd Greif Center of Entrepreneurial Studies.



As an art dealer, Jack Baboudjian is set-out to provide clients with loyal art buying and selling representation, and a wide range of collection management services, including valuations, planning, and insuring.

Jack offers keen information when clients are making the decision on the artwork they intend to purchase or sell. As your strategic partner, we want to supply our clients with the best advice possible, needed in considering the future acquisition or disposition of artworks.

We furthermore guide our clients towards the right resources equipped to handle planning for, and consideration of foreign, federal and state tax liabilities related to art transactions as well as movement of art among jurisdictions, including sales and use taxes.

I needed the services of a professional who knew art, and the financial side of it for wealth planning. Jack was my go-to person! He knew the type of artworks I needed that retained sustainable value, and he was able to assist me throughout the entire planning and acquiring process. Highly recommended professional!
I met Jack randomly at an art gallery, and after talking for a good one hour, we discussed a particular piece of artwork I would have loved to have in my collection. Within a few days, Jack was able to source it and reach a deal with the owner to sell that piece to me. It’s brought me happiness and joy ever since it hung on my wall, and I have Jack to thank for all that!
There’s so much artwork in the market, and so many artists to choose from. There are also so many artists and artworks that I may not have considered looking at, if it weren’t for Jack. And I’m happy he would point me in the right direction, because now I’m able to see the artwork from a different perspective, one that appeals to my eye even more.
After hiring an interior decorator, I realized, decorators aren’t art specialists, and what I needed was an art specialist – I needed Jack. It took about one year to fill my house with the right artwork, but we did accomplish it, and the look is amazing! I take pride in a wonderful collection Jack helped me to purchase.
I never considered art as an asset class, but after having discussions with Jack, I was convinced that it’s a must! I started to diversify my investments, and artwork became one of the categories I wanted to focus my investments on. Obviously, Jack, being as knowledgeable as he is, was able to source the right artworks at the right prices for me, and now my collection grows as does the value in the artwork.
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